Friday, March 6, 2015

winter white! for a teeny bit

one morning last week we woke up to little white snowflakes on the ground! and caught them just in time as they were still falling from the sky. mother nature and her weather reporters said there would be a chance of snow, but i'm sort of i'll believe it when i see it type of girl [at least when it comes to weather!!] and hey! they were right! we soaked it in as much as we could, with charlie running around loving it, but soon it was off to work we needed to go! booo!! [but i did really appreciate the sweetest snowy heart austin left me on my car :))]  our office actually happened to close at noon as more snow and ice was predicted. so i hurried on home and cozied on up! all the while, austin was on his way to FL for an overnight biz trip...!!! the one day his office is closed due to snow and he had a trip that could not be postponed! so i waited and waited for our world to be covered in white once again but mother nature just brought us rain and sleet.and while other cities outside atlanta got some snow, we were bare! wet! but bare. aaaand i suppose that's all ok. because snow days really are only fun when a stone of mine is in town. and it probably wouldn't have been the same [but i happily indulged in the early closing and next morning delay :)]