Friday, May 15, 2015

mullet tossing


a couple weeks ago austin and i road tripped to on down to the alabama/flordia state line for our first very mullet toss! and to be really honest, we had no idea what mullet toss was, ha! but what we did know! was that one of my best friends was turning 30 that weekend and had rented a house, so we just could not miss ringing in year 30 of her lifey. plus, i've been celebrating bdays with that girl for 9 years! tradition! a really really fun one. the house was walking distances from the beach and all tossing of the mullets ;) and ooo was it glorious. and big! which was pretty helpful since there were about 25+ of us staying there! the backyard was my favorite part. a big big pool with so many majestic ginormous blow up animals the bday girl had brought her self! swans and flamingos and the inflatable toilet blow up  the boys anchored in the water to hit golf balls into :) and right on the canal with one big dock 

so mullet toss! it is like alabama football tailgating mixed with college spring break and its all just sort of insane. but so much fun and so entertaining. it was our first year, but people there have been coming for years and years and years! they have thought of it all when it comes to their tent set ups. inflatable pools, inflatable couches! dj booths, 7 foot holes to play beer pong in, ha! and then there is the whole actual mullet tossing - where you basically throw a dead mullet over the state line of florida and alabama to see who gets the farthest, i really love the south. really, really.

the guys in our group woke up eaaarly to make sure they too had their own spot. we ended up right next to another group who were suuuper prepared with their two big inflatable pools, complete with a wheel you would spin and whatever it landed on - welllll, you do. the bday girl gave it a spin and i walked on over afterwards to see what it was all about. i eventually was convinced to spin it and so i did. and there it landed, "ride da gator".... the what? i turned to my right and in one of those inflatable pools was a big inflatable alligator. and after a lot of you-muuuuuust-do-it's coming my way from the finest of strangers, i gave in. so on the gator i got. one person grabbed the front of it, the other its tail and they shook it back and forth,oh to be young again ;) i saw stone look on over at all the commotion like oooooo hey. that's my wife! ha!  first time for everything i suppose!

and speaking of first times! the bday girl had arranged for a cake fight the day after her bday. a.cake.fight. !!! oooh how i love her and such craziness. so we had our cakes and our silly string and on the count of threee--- go! except we all planned before hand to just direct all that goodness at the bday girl organizer extraordinaire. a good way to initiate someone into the 30th year of their life, i think! 

we had so much fun the entire weekend, so much fun getting to celebrate one of my loves milestone bdays and getting to see old friends and meet some really hilarious new ones. we were so bumped to leave! but you know, eventually it was sunday, and it was kinda like well you don’t have to go home, but you cant stay here ;) thanks for the mems mullet toss! and most importantly, we hope you had the bestest of birthdays ady!!

[i think she did ;)]