Monday, May 4, 2015

dream team does nash, falls in love and lives happily ever after

photo via airbnb

a couple of weeks ago i had the greatest of pleasures to travel to nashville [one city that makes my heart dance in so many ways] to see five of the sweetest loves. blogging loves! thank you dearest blog of mine for so crazily giving me the opportunity to have met such sweet, kind, hilarious, talented people through it over the past four-ish years. it's the absolute coolest.

i had to be a little bit late to the party and arrive friday morning while the rest of the girls arrived the day before. it physically hurt me to be at work that thursday and not be there with them! but i lived  ;) and when morning came, i vrooomed on over. and gosh, they are real! it was such a funny neat feeling. these people who you totally know, but don’t really know? [or have met once or twice or several (hey assh!;)] but finally get to spend real, uninterrupted time with- and while i was the newbie this time around because i was unable to make last years trip and while i was a teeeeny bit nervous [+ excited, anxious, happy, i feel all the feelings, always] as soon as i was greeted by these excited sweet beauties it just felt so very effortless, all just falling together so very easily. 

i love that city so much. and it was even more fun to experience it with some of the girls who have never been before. unfortunately my brother was on tour and not in town which really is too bad because i would have loved for them to have met him. and i for one miss him! so i'd like to see him too, please. we stayed at the most incredible air bnb [ !!!! a vintage antique dreammm world!] in such a perfect part of nash - right near all the hustle and bustle and country music livin'.  we brunched and explored and honkey-tonked with the very best. aand also, had the funniest of run-ins. one with two tennessee titans football players right down to spotting vince vaughn on the corner of the street and having that uber come to one fast haaaalt as we jumped on out to say hellooo!

but my favorite moments were the ones of just us - in our [matching] jammies chatting at night or the yummy dinners spent laughing. and well, for meeee especially, when we watched a video that sort of has my heart. i got to share with the girls austin and my wedding video. and that moment was a special one! a my-heart-is-really-happy kinda moment. to look around and see their sweet faces smiling and happy tears and the kindest of words they spoke. so genuine. and so sincere. and gosh, that goes such a far way with someone like me. because its rare. rare to find such heart and genuine kindness like that.

so my dearest ash, erica, rissy, sabrina & shay [alphabetical ordering them and all ;)] thank yall sooo much for just being you. and really awesome 'yous'. i had the best, best time. and i am soo looking forward to the next city we get to fall in love with all over again ;))


Pamela said...

yall make me want to visit Nashville eeeevvveeeennn more!

Vicki said...

Looks like you girls had an incredible time! :)

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