Wednesday, May 13, 2015

green! its good for the soul

we are summer ready over here! we are, we are! the weather the past couple of weeks has just been sooo glorious. happy. sunny. flowery smelling, hugging our bodes with warmth. i love it. it is so good for my soul. everywhere we look is green, that's good for the soul too. and this year! with us being full on homeowners, we are really embracing the plant life gardening thing, adding more greenness to our world :) its so nice having room to do little bits of that! i am hoping that rose bush of ours does really well with the sunshine that the trees allow it to soak up because i want one or two or three million more. give or take. :) and with our summer prep we invested in the brightest of green baby pools for our littlest babe. i was at our big blue human pool over the weekend and austin was walking charlie around it - he couldn't come in because of the fence [and the no doggies allowed! rule] but ooo he could see in. and he haaaated not being able to run on in, trying his hardest to open the door with his little paws. stone finally had to drag him on back to the house and with each couple of steps, char would turn around and stare. walk. stop. stare. repeat, repeat! this was all followed by some crying, whining, the saddest of noises! he so badly wanted to play in the water. i love that his little water puppy self loves the water like he was designed too so us parents decided it was time! time to invest in the finest bright green plastic pool we could find. and so! it worked out quite nice. and is really holding us all over until we are back at the lake for memorial weekend and reunited with water a littttle bit deeper and views a liiittle bit lovelier :)   

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