Monday, June 29, 2015

29 things on the 29th! in honor of the bday king himself!

images by ali harper 

the twenty-nineth of june is always one of my favorite days because its the day we extra celebrate that dad of mine and his birthday! and there sure is a whole lot about him that i could say! so here are a few [or twenty-nine]  that came to mind ever so easily. facts, mems, special moments. lets seeeeee!!

1. he is left handed
2. he is one of seven [third oldest]
3. he used to tell me he would pay me $5 if i wore jeans, because i never wore them. i made zero dollars.
4. on Christmas eve after we are all in bed and santa has come, he will walk around jingling bells singing ho, ho, ho
5. i did a first look with him on austin and my wedding day. he wanted my dress to be a complete surprise to him too! even when my dress was kept in my parents hotel room a few days before the wedding, he would make sure to shield his eyes from it
6. him and my mom, their marriage and our childhood are what have always made me be such a believer in love and marriage and wanting to have a family 
7. he is a total manomet man [his bathrobe says so!] when they built the outdoor shower at our beach house, he made sure the door was juuust tall enough so he could still look over and see the water at low tide.
8. we have collected sea glass forever. and if you find white, green, brown and blue, it's call a grand slam, says us.
9. he is so good with words. and speeches. and letters. and, and, and!
10. when he sends me emails, he usually makes sure to include a picture, because he knows i love my pictures :)
11. on bri and my birthday every year he would come home with a bouquet of red roses. and when college came and we were away at school, he still would never miss a b-day.  except now that i'm a married lady, he has handed that torch off to my husband, who is carrying it just fine :) 
12. i would wave to him from my window every morning as he left for work. from around my middle school days right on through high school. i never missed it. he would always stop right in front of my window and there i would be! sleepy but making darn sure i was there to wave goodbye
13. on those sunday mornings where i reaaally struggled waking up for church, he would come in my room, turn my radio to AM and find the worrrst, most annoying station, which then forced me up and out of bed. cleeeever!
14. he is a big cheers-ing guy. austin noticed that one! and now he has become one too. cheers! 
15. on all beach walks, when we finally reach the point where we decide to turn around and head home, we will stand on the jetty,  flap our arms as we face 4 directions [front, side, back, side] and jump off.  ha! austin has had to partake in this as well ;)
16. he is the best, best guy to have by your side to guide you through this life of ours. in so many different aspects. one being the working, grown up world
17. when austin called him and asked for my hand in marriage, he said yes ;)
18. he likes to keep chocolate chip cookies in the freezer
19. we are the only two in our family who love miracle whip. team miracle whip vs team hellmans 
20. he alway gives you the best seat at any table to take in the view. your seat over his any day :)
21. on our annual thanksgiving walk, he always has everyone pause for one minute of complete silence to give thanks for so much.
22. actually! at our wedding, when he made his speech, he had everyone pause in silence for 15 seconds so we could take in the moment, that was one of my most favorite moments of the whole beautiful night
23. he likes the red sox and patriots. so i like the red sox and patriots. and while i can't really name the players, whatever!  go team! [and tom brady!]
24. he is reaaaally crafty! from his manomet signs to rock balancing to his bluff bar, etc! 
25. he was always a team player when it came to birthday parties growing up! both my sister and i had mystery b-day parties that involved him having to be the dead man in the bathtub. ha! or the time i had all my little girlfriends over for a tea party and my parents were the maid and butler, which i'm sure was juuust how he wanted to spend his saturday. catering to twelve seven year olds ;)
26. his advice. and his words of wisdom. golden!!
27. he loves a good plan! and making dinner recommendations.
28. his memorable emails. i have one saved from last year, where i was having a not so pleasant day and he came up with 10 reasons for me, chelsea coleen, to be happy :)
29. how i got to spend my last final moments as a single gal with the first guy i loved :)

so! happy birthday to you my dearest dad! you are soo, sooo loved! and i am the proudest girl  to be yours. 


Kathy Healy said...

you can't be a great dad without a great daughter like you, so sweet and a great b day present for me. love U - Dad.

Ele said...

he sounds like one in a million x

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