Thursday, June 4, 2015

8 years!


+ 8 years = 

photos by ali harper

once upon the university of alabama campus lived a twenty-one year old me and a twenty-one year old austin and on a june fourth evening, that boy asked this girl to be his girlfriend. shyly, sweetly, really cutely. do guys still ask that? i sure hope so. and so, it began! dating dating, dating, life, baseballness, growing  up x eight  years  and hey! june fourth, you are back once again! and this year, we have a secret. we are husband and wife;) and so can we still celebrate such an anniversary? celebrate the memories of one night that was so very sweet and innocent and exciting and will forever be ingrained in this memory of mine?  i hope so!! and we will, because milestones! the big and little and all in between, they are what make me tick. [and funny enough, i didn't mention any of this to austin  i was scheming up my own plans for us when he told me this morning happy 8 years! and that he had made din reservations somewhere ha. i loooove it so.] cheers to 8 years of dating to my forever boyfriend!

and for reminiscing purposes ;)