Wednesday, June 24, 2015

before charlie, there was a duncan!



gosh they are cute! so yes! before there was a charlie there lived a duncan! our childhood portuguese water puppy. who lived fourteen years before making his entrance into doggie heaven. these puppies and thiiis breed!!! you fall in love. i did. and when we lost duncan, ugh. it still makes me sad. we missed him sooo much. so much! and so eventually my heart [and persistence] led me to charlie! and when i saw his white little paws just like duncan and his similar personality, oh it was love! there are so many things charlie will do that remind me of duncan! flashbacks constantly. and i love that. i love how they both get so excited when we come home. even if we just ran outside reeeeal quick, or how they get these random burst of energy and run back and forth playing with themselves, and how you are never alone because they follow your every move [for better or worse] etc etc! 

but they are different too! and discovering those differences is fun too :) for a water puppy duncan didnt really like the water too much! [but manomet beach! beach he liked, with his umbrella and shade] while charlie, he loves the water so much and doggy paddling his way all around. and when it comes to cuddling! duncan wasn't the biggest cuddlier, i think because he slept downstairs when we were growing up, but charlie, he is the worlds biggest puppy cuddlier and we more than welcome that around these parts.  so similar and different those two. and i love them just the same. so all this to say! today would have been duncans birthday! dates likes these are ingrained into my brain. we are thinking about you sweet puppy!! and missing you! but charlie is sure keeping you memory alive every single day!