Friday, June 5, 2015

sweet wish turns twenty-four!

....and our lives have been sooo blessed by every one of her twenty-four years on this big big earth. she is my main girl and i really do think the world of her. of both my siblings. [really truly, obsessively so] but yes. she embodies so much goodness. her heart. her way of thinking and living and the genuine kindness that just pores out of her. she makes me want to be a better person. and i think that's really neat. this little beauty, five years younger than me, and she makes me want to grow and be more like her. she's smart. and creative in so many ways. right down to the maid of honor speech she made at our wedding, it was undeniably perfect.  she is an incredible friend to so many [and to me!] she gets people, she connects to them so well. shes outgoing and brave and silly and laid back and the most fun person to go out with and really the sweetest wish queen of america. 'sweet wish' is a name my family has  called her forever. my mom would always sing to her "a dream is a wish your heart makes" from cinderella before bed every night and whisper good night sweet wish :))  and the name [and the many versions we add on] just sticks so well!  we love you wishy! happy twenty-fourth birthday to you my beautiful sister and best friend, thanks for loving me through all my older sister tendencies ;) the world is such a happier place because of you.