Wednesday, July 15, 2015

24 hours in nash

we traveled to the land of music a couple of weekends ago to see a brother, daddy, and mom of mine! almost all of us! it was one of those quick twenty-four hour trips that went much much much too quick for me. but like always, sooo good for my heart. my parents weren't flying in until eaaarly sunday morning and actually colin was away on tour, but  we drove up anyways saturday afternoon just so we could squeeze in a one trip to PM sushi. it is our favorite sushi place ever. ever. ever. so we had to. and it was so worth it. the next morning we met my parents for b-fast, said one quick hello to the musician bee, and hopped on over to riverfront walk because cma fest was still going on! and so many fun people were performing everywhere, including dustin lynch, yay! so we got to see that brother of mine in action doing what he loves on the prettiest [and hottest] of days.  all in the name of family time, amen!