Thursday, July 16, 2015

chelsea lately!

lots of little snaps as of our world lately! let's seeee....
sunsets on the prettiest of evening walks
trying ever so hard to keep those plants of ours alive in this heat!
flowers riding shotgun and morning coffee treats 
reunions with some of my most loved ones
pizza <3 always and forever. 
hopping into neighbors lawns because their sign is just so! on! point! 
cupcake muffin baking :)
birthday celebrating thisss birthday blogger babe
celebrating eight years of  boyfriend-girlfriendness, wooo!
polaroid snapping of our little home and saturday morning breakfasting  
my favorite hyatt boys
...more of those favorite hyatt boys, like puppies, like daddies!
loving on our blooming blooms
cuddling with this snuggly snuggler 
birthday celebrating my dearest love's 29th year 
fourth of julying! 
my summer necessities 
anddd a whole lot more of this.

summer! you have been a fun one! keep on, keepin on! we love you :))

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