Wednesday, July 29, 2015

manomet, meet husband!


today we head to my family's beach house in manomet,  ma and i am so[oooo!] looking forward to seeing the ones i love so dearly and the beach that has taken such great care of us over the years. in fact every summer of my whole existence. except last summer! last summer was the first time i did not make my annual beachy trip! a break in tradition! which i'm so against. but my bachelorette weekend just so happened to fall at the same time, so all that love and marriage and celebrating with the prettiest of b-maids took its place.  but this summer, we-are-back. tradition, commence! and i will be introducing my dearest favorite place to my husband for the very first time! because last time they met 2 summers ago, he was my boyfriend. !!! we were thinking about that last night and gosh its crazy to me. and sooo cool. those moments are never lost on my sentimental self. i grew up on this beach. it has seen me through every little and big moment of my entire life. i mean, i documented a lot of our lives right there - on the back of old picture frames, before i had ever been to a school dance, or had my first kiss, or had my license or had any idea of where i would go to college or that a boy named austin parker even existed. and its just really really cool for me to get to (re)introduce it to my husband for the very first time. granted he's been there before! but still :) and we are ready. we have had a no-seafood policy for the past couple of weeks because we plan to eat a lot of it ;)  and we are ready to jump off flat rock and sleep in the mermaid room and  the jetty walks to the sugar shack and sea glass grand slams and lunches at the bluff bar and the annual pirate party aaand, a million other nicknamed things. i feel really, really thankful to be so excited for the simplest of things with the ones i love the most.