Wednesday, August 19, 2015

manomet glimpses as told by my iphone


we are back! actually we've been back for about a week and a half, but! liiiiiife is all sorts of busy! and crazy! and good too! these days of ours. and you know after any vacay you just feel like you need to get organized. and play catch up. and so we have been doing a whole lot of that at work. at home. with friends. that kinda thing! our trip to my dearest beachy love was really special and beautiful and fuunn! so much fun. i loved getting to re-introduce my beach to my [hot] husband and me myself as Chelsea Coleen Hyatt. and it was really great to spend so much time surrounded by my family. and then to watch my husband get to spend so  much time with them as well, my heart was really happy and really like, why must we ever leave this beautiful sanctuary?  so memory of mine!! here are a few little snippets from my ever handy iphone. i took a whoooole lot on my big cam as well that i will get to one of these days! my dad was like welllll, hmmm, what do you do with all those pictures. and iiii was like well, i have no idea. but i must capture it all! gotta soak it up. mind. body. soul. aaaand camera. ;)  and one day when i am old and gray and hangin' with my [still probably hot] husband and probably can't walk down to the beach like these good old days we are currently living, we will just pop out all the million photo albums i will have and be like hey! remember the time blah blah blah. and the mems will live on!! in so many tangible and intangible ways :)

and ps, you know out of all the little moments i snapped, that last little black and white piccy riiiight up there? i ran inside to get something and on my way out i kinda froze and snapped and i think its really a favorite of mine. nothing that will win lots and lots of awards for the grainy blurry imperfectness of it ;) but because it perfectly captures how our time is spent at the beach we love.  one big group all gathered together. in the backyard, on the beach, on our porches. visiting and laughing [aaand occasionally in family dance party mode] and thiiiis is what makes manomet soo special. the littlest, simplest of moments are just so big sometimes.

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