Wednesday, September 23, 2015

pre-anniverary sentiments!

photography by ali harper
it seems the most surreal to say, but! this sunday austin and i will be celebrating one whole year of love and marriage! one year! and i am feeling aaaall the feelings right about now, already!  i mean, really, a lot of my daily thoughts have been replaced by such things likeee "oh it’s tuesday!! tuesday was my last day of work! and i put a note on my computer saying "getting married. be right back" [which i still have on my bulletin, because, tangible mems, soo hard to throw away]  and yes, even that little tidbit of something maaaybe not the most important! well, it makes me very reminiscent and sentimental! so, i know i am innnn for it when the twenty-seventh arrives!

austin and i are no strangers when it comes to celebrating anniversaries, we kind of specialize in datingveraries and have grown preeeetty good at them over the past eight years ;) but a wedding anniversary! this all new territory, we’ve never done this before! and so thinking back to this time last year, it all just makes my heart swell. i think that’s the best way i can describe it.  it makes me miss and love and feel forever thankful for those those last couple of days leading up to that saturday in september, so much happiness and excitement and so much love all around us. and it  also makes me want to run back in time reeeeal quick fairy god mother style and hug myself who was definitely feeling the butterflies and say hey guess what! it’s not going to rain! and you won’t trip walking down the aisle!  and the rehearsal din dress you bought that was hemmed a wee bit too short? don’t worry! you and mom will find the most perfect one, with a little less than twenty-four hours pre rehearsal! and it will be on sale! and we would probably jump around high-fiving and then poof i’d magically disappear.  [although, i also remember driving to maybe three different stores one afternoon in desperate need of season three of downton abbey because it happened to be my current obsession and i neeeeded to know what happened next, priorities, right? my mom says i was the calmest bride ever :)]

i read this once in a book of mine and i loved it so, “ took me a very long time not to view sympathy, grief, doubt, the ability to be moved by tears by love and happiness and sadness and music - as weak, despicable traits. he taught me that the ability to grieve deeply also meant that a person had the capacity to love deeply, laugh deeply, live deeply -- and that this was a capacity to be cherished.” gosh. that is me, in a nutshell. i remember reading that and thinking yes! yes! amen! i am right there with you author lady! so yes, this week, this pre wedding anniversary week of ours, i am already feeling all the sentimental vibes, deep, deep deeply! after all, it was only theee most magical day[s!!] of our lives ;)  see you soon one year anni! ps i love you austin parker xoxoo your wife. pps. this tradition to be continued!


P!nky said...

Happy almost anniversary!!! We are a September wedding couple, so I love showing love to others out there. Hope you have a fabulous weekend celebrating.

Ashlee Michelle said...

So, I love this..Alot. and I cannot believe it's been 1 year! What the Heck? SO EXCITING!

When our 1 year Anniversary came around (April 19th) I was in shock how quickly the first year past. Time truly does fly when you're having fun! :)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating 1 year of Happily Ever Hyatt. <3

-Ashlee Michelle