Thursday, October 15, 2015

13 things for the bday girl

photo by ali harper

my bff of a mom had a birthday on the thirteenth! and so! in her bday week honor, thirteen little things/mems/random bits that are just some of the reasons why i love her so.

1. she is a really really incredible mother-in-law. year one of holding that title, and she's a super-mommm [in-law]. and you know, she so easily assumed that role long before my husband became my husband! with her emails, baseball good lucks, thoughtful gifts. cards. he is lucky to have her. and i am too!

2. growing up we went to sooo many broadway/off broadway musicals. i have quite the playbill collection if i do say so myself! nowhere close to hers though. i loved those little dates with her. and i loved the shows, i mean. if it wasnt for her love of "rent" then how could i have ever have made this little vid back in my college days

3. she will give you the shirt off her back. literally. my sister and i laugh about this all the time. because its so 100% true. "oh mom, i love your shirt, it's so cute!" followed by "thanks! do you want it??" ha and for the record! i dont think we usually run off with her stuff, even though we may realllly want to. the lady has good taste. but, i have found myself saying similar things these days - mostly when it comes to my sister and brother, oooh you like this thing-a-bobber?!? do you want it?? 

4. once upon a wedding [mine!] we were a bit worried it might rain which would have been tricky since we were getting married outside. one day an email popped up from my mom who told me about this southern superstition she had found, how if you bury a bottle of jack daniels upside down one month prior to your wedding at your wedding venue [lots of rules to follow!], it will not rain. which! we ended up doing, because how can you not. [and documented here!] and hey with lots of prayers and good vibes and some help from jack daniels courtesy of my mommy dearest, the most beautiful day and weather we were given! [and also, that she created a wedding binder and was the most on top of it, most organized mob in all the land]

5. she sings! she has been signing around our house [car/church/any and everywhere] my whole life. which is the main reason i am fluent in the musical rent, shania twain, dixie chicks, etc. thank you! growing up she would also sing the national anthem for lots of different sports teams- one of them being uconn basketball! [i was always more nervous for her than she was to be standing out there singing]

6. have i mentions she blogs? once? twice? i remember many moons ago when she first started and i was like blogging?! what is this. and well, like mother like daughter, why try to stop the inevitable. she is a really good writer. i cant say that enough. and creative. from her blogs to stories to songs! i don’t think i have gotten to really give it all the attention it so deserves, but her and colin wrote a song [music aaand lyrics!] for austin and me pre wedding. it was the most incredible thing you could do really, well in my opinion. i am just waiting for her them to record this one pleaseeeee!  [christmas gift 2015?!?! yes?]

7. speaking of christmas!! the christmas atm. a couple of years ago she bought a little plastic atm. and on christmas, she will put little notes in your stockings saying, "take a trip to the atm" so we do! she hands us the plastic credit card and we swipe it in the plastic atm and she opens it up and hands you a twenty. ha i love that about her. austin got to take his own trip to the plastic atm this past christmas, welcome to our world, hyatt!

8. she is a party plannin extrodinnaire. from thanksgiving and the games her and my dad come up with year after year to the pirate parties in manomet to all the b-day parties she had for us growing up.  her love of people gathering together and making everything special and really getting in the spirit, is a lot of the reason why i am why i am! and why i love it all so much

9. she is a really good listener. life is good! and sometimes its kinda not and let's say, a man totales your car and its a really scary headache. she knows that and i know that but sometimes you just want to talk about it! and she lets me. and i cant tell you how much i need and appreciate that.

10. she made me a believer in friday the 13th luck! because well, her bday sometimes falls on a friday. friday the 13th! and she is one good luck charm. can't scare me 13!

11. her name is kathy, but she usally will send emails to lots of family and friends signing off as katwoman or katwomanOUT ;)

12.  her one-liners. both my parents. they just say these things that make me laugh so much.  this is not even close to an example of how good her funnies can be but yeaaaars ago, like fourteen years! she was upstairs and i could hear her say "i have laundry coming out of my ying yangs" ha, and i thought it was the funniest thing. i'm not sure if i ever told her that. its funny what you pick up as kids. and those little things that stay with you.

13. for giving us things like the orange dinner and picnic dins on a picnic blanket in the family room, or ornaments on christmas eve and rabbit, rabbit, rabbit good luck reminders. those little things! that i have already or will continue with my own little fam. i love them all. [and i am wired to not forget them, even if i wanted to! which i don't]

... all these things. and more! happy birthday [and week!] to you katwoman! you are sooo loved. xooxo