Wednesday, November 11, 2015

the hyatts loves the hendersons

matching shirts! not planned, but so on the same level
cabin homey for the weekend!
ole married men now!! [uh to two different lucky gals ;)]

speaking of weddings and love and marriage! it's sort of my favorite topic these days to talk about as we have had sooo many beautiful reasons to celebrate! a couple of weekends ago we traveled to alabama the beautiful to witness the marriage of one of our dearest college friends to his beautiful bride. so exciting.

we have know the groom ever since our bama days!! he was austin's roommate all throughout college along with being his baseball playin' teammate. i have spent so many hours with those two, in their apartment laughing about the most random things, getting beaten sooo terribly in monopoly, cleaning their boy apartment and washing all the sheets, dishes and towels i could get my hands on while they would be away for baseball games, because, someone had to. but above all, really getting to witness a really awesome friendship and bond they have created. it is always such a joy to be around them in their bff element. and yes corny to say! but also really the total truth. the groom was a groomsmen in our own wedding when my stone was the groom and i was the bride! and just as fun, the roles were reversed the other weekend as he said i-do to his forever love. [who gosh, is so perfect for him and someone we are so excited to get to be bff's with forever ;)]

the wedding itself took place in alabama on a beautiful property that we had all to ourselves! the reception in this gorgeous barn and we even had cabins to stay in! so . much . fun! i only wish it could have lasted longer! but you know newlyweds, gotta honeymoon. and us guests, well we had to head back to the real world. but it sure was pretty special to take a quick break and be a small part of someone elses best-day-of-their-lives. ps. the hyatts loves the hendersons! :)

and for a good throwback ;)

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