Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas in Cabo

you see those sweet little faces?!! vintage us! healy and margison kids, lookin' very summery and fashionable [with great posture!! ;)] on the beaches of block island one summer. i love those sweet faces. and our parents. we have been busy being family bff's for a long, long time. for atleast the entire lifespan of those two littlest ones above! we were neighbors many moons ago. we moved, they moved, we moved, they moved and we still remained just as close.  i remember when austin and i first started dating i would always talk about "our family friends the margisons" and i would say exactly that, so he knew who i was talking about. and one time, probably after the millionth time i had mentioned "our family friends the margisons" he said, i know!! i know who they are, you can shorten it to just their last name now ;) ha. he eventually had the pleasure of meeting them a couple of years ago and he totally got it. they are fun people. and we are so lucky to have them in our lives. i hope one day when we have our own little fam, we end up having neighbors that turn into lifelong friends like that!! not too bad, parents!

growing up [and really up until a few years ago!] we would always spend Christmas Eve together. the tradition was put on hold as they started spending Christmas at their new home in  Cabo  [can you blame them?!] but this year!! the tradition gets to be continued! with all of us healy-hyatts heading on down to San Jose del Cabo to spend the holidays together! and you know how i feel about tradition ;) it just so happens to be we get to continue such a fun tradition in one of the most beautiful of places. yay!

it's been a year [last Christmas!] since my family has all been together. well, minus a couple of hours on thanksgiving before a brother had to leave for a show! but for those few hours!! oh it was so nice. and so golden. and fun. and not having that in my everyday life is a reaaaaaaaal drag. those people are my best friends and for Christmas i would want nothing more than to spend uninterrupted time together. and hey! we get to do just that! t-minus a few more hours. patience, chelsea coleen!!

merry Christmas! happy birthday Jesus! and happpppy new year! we can't wait to meet you 2016! as we cheers to you with our margaritas and sunglasses ;)