Wednesday, January 20, 2016

hey fifteen year old self!

i'm sure if you asked fifteen year old me what i thought life would be like when i turned thirty on the twenty-first of january twenty-sixteen i would first be like, twenty-sixteen !?! that just sounds so very strange and futuristic! and well, i'm sure i would predict [and hope and wish!] some things that would be riiiight on the nose and others not so much.  like, you will be married [ding!] and you will probably not order grilled cheese anymore because you are an adult [...] i have this vision of thirty year old chelsea, and well thirty in general! and it's very mature and responsible and grown-up and i don't feel that way all the time !! nor do i always want to be! but ready or not? hey jan 21st. and to my credit, we are pretty grown-up around these parts, we are married! and homeowners! and pay bills! and are workin' bees! and drink coffee! and i think my fifteen year old self would be like this is sooo how i imagined life to be like at thirty. but i think teenage me would probably be surprised to know that even so, i do still have a crush on the boy i married, and i do still love traditions to my core [and eating all orange dinners and celebrating half birthdays and everything manomet] and sometimes i want to eat cereal for dinner and watch gilmore girls  and one tree hill and everything i was watching back when i was fifteen[ish!]. and that mix! i think that's the key to this forever young thing. a good balance between being young and 'old', mature and silly. so this is [aaalmost] thirty! exactly how i pictured it to be and nothing like it:)