Wednesday, March 30, 2016

snippets of lately


welllllll hey! blog of mine! i miss you!  gosh its hard to keep up with you these days. which makes me sad because i love looking back on all my frozen in time mems and seeing where life has taken me and us in the past five [!!] years of life and documenting such! and with it being march i have gone back and read a few rambles from our baseball days which bring me right back to those moments. ohh those basebally moments! march was always such a tricky month for me and my heart because it always meant saying good bye to my baseballer of a boyfriend, i really don't miss those goodbyes. they make me want to run back in time real quick fairy god mother style and hug myself because geeez!! those were hard times! but then daylight savings and warmness and spring would come to the rescue just when i would be like #SOS!! and that would carry me on through. emotionally dependent on the weather, check! and while so much has changed since those days, that is one thing that has not. give me all the sun and blue skies and warm weather forever, amen.