Friday, April 29, 2016

some iphony black and whites & wallet mems with dad!

last night we had the greatest of pleasures of going on a din date with my daddy dearest! who just so happens to be in town for some biz things! i love when our paths cross like that and any and all time i get to spend with him. even if its just for a couple of hours, i will take it!!  and so we got to eat din on the prettiest of april evenings, outside with a band playing nearby and it really was the best. he makes me so proud to be his!! for a lot of reasons. but for one! i love all the sentimental things he keeps in his wallet [i am so his daughter!] he has a whole bunch from all the years that have passed but two he pulled out to show us.... a picture of my then tweleve year old little hockey playing brother from 2000! a good sixteen years he  has had that! so cute his little blonde self. and then he showed me bits of an old note from about nine years ago when my mom, dad, and i traveled down south to look at colleges! i was starting to narrow down my college search and we had just finished din one evening on the ole miss campus when  he wrote something along the lines of "we went to ole miss this morning. where will big c be - we want to know" and then we all signed it :)) [big c is a name my brother has called me for a long long time and so yes! that is me! it sure does wonders for your self esteem ;)] and how funny to see that after all these years! i remember us signing that little note and i had no idea he still had it! and even neater, to be seeing it for the first time in nine years sitting next to my husband! who i met at alabama! who i would have never met if i had chosen ole miss! thoughts like that are really crazy to me and make me thankful for everything that has led me to today <3 and roll tide. i love you dad!!! [and mom. and bri. and col ;)]