Wednesday, June 1, 2016

bday year thirty, day one!

we celebrated my stone's thirtieth bday on a monday with no work what so ever! we both took the day off so we were free to play and celebrate and it was one of our best ideas yet! the weather was so beautiful and warm and sunny and happy and we woke up that morning with really zero places we had to be! besides starbucks to get the birthday boy his free cup of joe! so we did just that. and then ventured to the park with charlie to play barefoot and run around. we found a gated soccer field and were able to shut the gate and let char explore without keeping him on a leash and he/we/everyone was happy about that. we had breakfast on the bleacher's and sipped our coffee and chatted and played frisbie and basically i started with shoes on and my hair down and we ended with my shoes off and hair up and it was just nice to be there and enjoy it and know you had nowhere else to be! sometimes no agenda is a great agenda! we came back and soaked more sun up at the pool and dined that night at home on king crab legs! stone is really obsessed and you know, i think i am too. they are so so good. and we topped it off with some bday gifts and cards and such and an ice cream rice krispy pie! because those healy traditions run deep :)  it was a really low key day but! it was one of the good ones. all monday's should be stone's bday :)

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