Thursday, June 16, 2016

to manomet we go!

this evening my stone and i are headed to my most favorite place in all the land!!! m a n o m e t.  yay! and if you know me even a little bit or really know anyone in my family juust a little bit then odds are you know about manomet. which puts you ahead of the curve, because so many people have never heard of it. even the iphone weather app is like manomet, ma? come again? it can't locate. so we have to settle for plymouth! which isn't too far away. but that's besides the point. it is a very small beachy town right on the water and its been a place my family has gone every summer for a long, long time! how did we stumble upon it again? i need to re-ask my parents. all i know is my nana spent her summers on this very beach as a little girl. and then my dad and then me! its filled with a lot of special memories and traditions and healys!  and it has been far too long since ive gotten to soak it all in once again! we usually make it to manomet at least once a year - in august! when my whole big family travels back to play and sun and pirate. but this year we are squeezing in two trips! once in june and one in august! its one of our best ideas yet.  so, save me a seat at the bluff bar*, mano!! we are coming for you!

[*and by bluff bar, i mean the cute little table right up there on our bluff where we like to sip our evening cocktails! and because its manomet, and everything has a name. people. places. things. :)]

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