Thursday, July 14, 2016

a few more to add to your beach readin list!

i've been trying to keep a list of books i've read lately because i tend to forget them! and not because they weren't great or i wasn't hooked, because that's usually never the case! i really should just pay more attention to the titles to be honest, but they are all the same sometimes! [orphan train, girl on the train, the daughter, the stranger, the dinner, you get the point!] and so someone will recommend a book and i will read the summary and be like wait a minute, i've already read this. so i've got to set myself straight these days!! anyways! i'm currently reading the hypnotists love story [another one recommended by my mom!] and it is so good!! i really, really can't put it down! and as a quick side note, yes. yes i bought it's not okay by the former bachelorette! i definitely veered of course with this one as its not something i would usually read. but if you are going to tempt me into the bachelor psyche and breakup details of said couple who we spent two hours every monday night watching, then fine, i will take that bait for $9.99, please.  so enjoy!!


Sarah Burton said...

Ooh Sarah Addison Allen is one of my new favorites! I read one of her books last December and got hooked. Excited to read some of these on the list!

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