Wednesday, August 24, 2016

"the big green egg is a dangerous opponent!"

we have added "grill owners" to our adulting resumes over here!! right next to marriage and homeownership and car purchasing! in that order too :) you have to keep that adult repertoire fresh! and just in the nick of time to catch the end of summer and the start of football season, we bought a big green egg. after lots and lots of research!! [mostly on austin's part since he is the sole grill operator] and we both are really happy with it! he approves because its a beast of a grill and i approve because it doesn't take up much space and is pretty darn cute as far as grills go! and we both agree that it makes some yummy stuff! we are in the early phases of our grilling adventures and so far have just attempted chicken, pork chops and steak. but we are really eager to get a pizza on there! and they say cookies are a possibility!! so maybe one day when we are feeling bold we will attempt those! i need supervision because it really is a powerful thing, that egg! as stone said the other evening "the big green egg is a dangerous opponent" ha. he has actually had a bunch of funny one liners all centering around his new grill that i've been writing down in my phone for a laugh :)  i am also learning that big green eggs have lots and lots of ACCESSORIES. covers! mits! grilling tools! etc! and amazon prime has been knocking on our door with all these new purchases by the grill master himself.  man accessories! but i get it.

a girl with a lot of accessories [married to a boy with a lot of grill accessories :)]