Thursday, October 20, 2016

20 miles in pink :)

a few weeks ago, austin and i had the opportunity to walk in the last day of the Susan G. Komen three day for the cure that was taking place in atlanta! we were required to each raise a minimum of $750 and i am so proud to say that together we raised a total of $1,920!! yay! thank you friends and family for donating and helping us! the walk for us one dayers started at 7:30 on sunday morning and so we hurried on down  that morning dressed in our pink :)

there is so much excitement and energy in the air its really pretty awesome.  one volunteer told us they like to call it the three day buffet because you are really well fed the whole time! which is so true! i have always said i felt like i ate the entire time i walked in the event six years ago! ha, it's hard to resist! there are several pit stops throughout the course with water/gatorade, lunch and little snacks which helps break everything up. also restrooms! amen. and then there are the sweet people who come out to cheer everyone on. i love that. so many will set up their own little stands of free goods - mimosas, donuts and coffee [with a dash of baileys!], ice pops, candy, etc!! the walk itself was definitely tiring and hard! going from our casual walks with char to 20 miles, we weren't really prepared for it, but we made it! and had fun along the way. entertaining ourselves with bubble gum and getting to explore so many beautiful neighborhoods of atlanta that we just never seem to get out and do! [atl to do list created!] plus we had the opportunity to meet so many awesome people along the way and learn why they were walking, who they were walking for and how many walks they have been on [10! 15! 25!] i was in awe to hear that, i mean, again you are required to raise at the very least $2,300! which is not easy! and of course, then walk the 60 miles! so ours hats are off to them!!

it makes my heart so happy that we got to experience this together and walk in memory of austin's mom. i know she would be so, so proud of him! i am and i loved having him by my side, especially since the guy participation is on the smaller size! i'm already excited for next year so that we can set up our own fun stand to cheer on these walkers!! because they are so deserving.  [and i hope to join them again one of these years!]