Wednesday, October 19, 2016

DIY bats!

man, i love these little bat guys! they are a fun and easy halloween craft. and necessary!! because its been 80 degrees around here [actually i just checked, its 90!!] and our spooky carved pumpkins are starting to dwindle down and die!! sad. so bats, it is! to add some festive flare to our hyatt house!

you will need:
  • smooth foam balls
  • tooth picks
  • black card stock
  • twine
  • black craft paint
  • glue gun

and of course, how to!
  • paint foam balls in black craft paint
  • cut out wings from black card stock - lots of traceable templates on google images!
  • tape a toothpick to the back of the wing
  • stick wings in foam ball
  • glue wings to twine [or glue the top of the foam ball to twine, whichever!] and hang how you like!