Monday, October 10, 2016

fall in nashville!

first. i love those people above!! they are my favorite people in this world and i loved getting to spend the other weekend in nashville with them! of course, we are missing one blonde beauty of a sister of mine!! but i will take what i can get :) austin happened to have business in nash from sunday to tuesday and i was more than happy to "work from home" from nash so away we went one saturday morning! my parent were migrating south from manomet to nash that morning and it couldn't have worked out better.  high five! we also got to be around for my parents wedding anniversary!! see those faces up there! that's what 35 years of love and marriage and teamwork look like.  best role models in life and love. and we got to see that brother of mine! yay. i love rare colin sightings when he is not at work! he is still the funniest person i know and i am so proud of him.  we love you nashville, take care of my people! and also: the 12 south farmers market with its pumpkins and fallness, it really helps to ease those summer blues away! that and the 80 degree weather :)