Monday, October 31, 2016

october traditions!


happy halloween to you!! we've been making sure to squeeze in all those october traditions of ours this month! because tis the season!! so to keep my tradition loving self straight, on our october hit list we haaave!

...pumpkins! of course. i start with two and always end up with about five other smaller ones. they are hard for me to resist! especially the white tiny ones. actually, one evening while buying said white pumpkins i was reminded to be kind! in the simplest of ways. i was at the grocery store getting dinner and throwing in two more tiny pumpkins because two for three dollars! and i was talking to the cashier about everyone getting into the fall decorating spirit. i asked her if she had her pumpkins yet and she said no, that she takes the bus to work and doesn't drive so it would be hard to carry a big pumpkin home. i told her she needed to get one of the smaller ones to put in her purse to take home with her. she said that she had been meaning to do that, but every time she remembered to look on her lunch break they were all sold out.  so i gave her one of my pumpkins after i checked out. she was so touched but such a small gesture. and i was like, i feel good! and she feels good! good feelings all around :)

... pumpkin carving! it has been a warm october here [it's currently 86 degrees as i type this. windows open. wearing shorts], which is fine for me and my emotionally dependent on warm weather self. but ohhh!! our poor pumpkins!!! they looked so great and festive all lit up but unfortunately, the heat started getting to them and caused them to get all moldy and sad looking. the price you pay i suppose!!! warm weather > pumpkin quality of life

...pumpkin seeds, our favorite. must . save . and bake. all . seeds. :)

...pumpkin flowers! from my pumpkin courtesy of trader joes or whole foods, usually! i love these festive little guys. din - just like here, here, here, here, and here :) a tradition from way back when we were little! all childhood [and adult if we're being honest!] food favs too. goldfish, macaroni and cheese, carrots [hey, nutrition!] and grilled cheese.  and since austin is all for trying any and every food on the big green egg, he attempted grilled cheese! [which may i add, was a success!]

...yummy mummies - hot dogs wrapped in crescent dough with yellow mustard eyes, and waaala, complete. festive, simple, and perfect for football watching around this time :)

...and of course, dressing up!! which we got to do on both friday and saturday night with some friends! we went with a Hawaiian/luau theme this year, inspired by our trip to Hawaii in September! it was a fun one. and also, charlie's shirt was definitely the best. and maybe our coconut and pineapple drinks :)

so there you have it! some healy turned hyatt halloween traditions for you! i am so looking forward to adding more fun ones throughout the years.  happy Halloween!