Sunday, October 2, 2016

think pink!

i love full circle stories. and this is one of them! so yay. six years ago i participated in the Susan G. Komen three day for the cure walk in atlanta. [which actually!! was one of the main reasons i even really started this blog, so i could document and freeze those moments in time!] in order to walk in the event you have to raise a minimum of $2,300, which is daunting, yes!! but incredible!! to see thousands of people walking and to know that every single person there [!!!] raised at least $2,300 for the cause. that's really pretty amazing! and luckily, with the help of some really generous family, friends and co-workers of mine i was able to meet that goal [and then some! $2552 :)]  the walk itself was one of the most rewarding and special things i have ever gotten to be apart of. and hard!!! oh my goodness, it was hard. 

so fast forward six years later, to this year's walk taking place in atlanta! austin and i will be joining in on the last day of the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure on october 9th, walking 20 miles over the course of the day and have agreed to each raise $750 in donations.  we will be walking in memory of his mom who lost her battle with breast cancer in 2007 and so it means so much. i love that we will get to experience this together and share in something so much bigger than us both. i know that the whole experience made such an impression on me and i'm so happy austin will get to see and feel!! that too! it's a good feeling. so we've come full circle!! same blog. same walk. same guy [from boyfriend to husband!].  six years later :)

and if you are interested in donating that would make all the difference! the link is right here:::  donate now