Wednesday, November 30, 2016


things as of lately around these parts! and little bits of mems taking up my iphone/cam :) we are still going strong on our iced coffee and puppuccino orders from starbucks over here. charlie is a big, big fan. and there have been weddings, baby showers and thanksgiving piggybacks (or well, attempts).  along with a visit from my parents, our faces in the Southern Wedding magazine V9 issue, and pretty sunsets. also, fun side story, my dad was playing golf in nashville one day by himself and randomly joined a man and his soon to be son in law. well over the course of 18 holes they got to talking and it turned out to be shawn b! from kaitlyn's season of the bachelorette! (and her dad) ha! my dad told shawn i was a devoted watcher and shawn said well lets take a selfie and send it to her! and when i got it i was like what in the world?!? oh nashville, small world!