Thursday, November 10, 2016

one saturday morning!

i can't even type one Saturday morning without singing it in my head and thinking of the shows they used to play on Disney's "one Saturday morning." :) you know, like pepper ann! ha! so many cozy mems sitting on the couch watching the Saturday morning shows eating a sprinkled donut ;) over the past couple of Saturdays, we have spent our mornings at Chastain Park, which is a really great park right down the street from us. we will pick up bagels from the best [and busiest!!] bagel place we know, Goldbergs, and then head on over. its so nice!! and then afterwards, once we are fueled up on coffee and carbs we will walk with charlie around the park, which has a great running/walking route! about 2.4 miles the one we take, so its a good little walk! and enjoyable.  we also really love getting to walk by the football games going on with the little boys! they are so cute! in their f-ball gear and parents cheering them on. it's been my favorite routine these days, and i really hope the warm weather keeps on, keepin' on! especially two weekends ago! we had shorts and short sleeves on which was just sooo glorious. you can feel it getting colder though! so please be kind to us fall and winter! because we like our Saturday morning routine!