Monday, December 5, 2016

a sarasota roadtrip!

because, every good road trip begins with one ;)
every good road trip starts and ends with donuts, said someone! probably. or at least me :) super random request but hey, whatever passes the time on an 8 hour road trip. so! a few weekends ago we traveled to Sarasota for the wedding of one of our dear college friends! one of austin's old roommates/alabama teammates/groomsmen was saying i do to his beautiful bride! and so of course we wouldn't have missed it.  charlie came along for the ride too,  he is at his best when he is in the car and also, petsmart was full ;)

friday morning post our thanksgiving food comas we woke up early, early along with all the black friday shoppers except no shopping for us, road tripping! the last time i made a drive like that was back when austin was my baseball playing boyfriend and in clearwater for spring training :)  so with the help of coffee, a sprinkled donut and Christmas music we made it.

we stopped at De Soto National Memorial about forty minutes on the way to Sarasota to let charlie take a swim break and get his cooped up energy out. which he happily obliged, except he would not stop drinking the salty water!  even with us pleading for him to stop. as soon as we got back in the car he was not his normal self, i mean, he would never usually deny our goldfish snacking handouts, but he did so we knew something was up. as soon as we pulled into the hotel and put the car in park he was over it and got sick all over me. so!! that was a good start to the vacationing:) [luckily he felt so much better! and was back to his normal goldfish loving self soon after] the next day, pre groomsmen duties, we went to Brohard Paw Park another doggie beach which was just so perfect!! as soon as you arrive you are free to unleash your beasts and let them roam free. charlie had so much fun playing with the other puppies and swimming his water puppy heart out. so cute! and us humans did too! it makes me very happy being in 80 degree weather and in a bathing suit at the end of November! [although, being in a bathing suit post thanksgiving, that's something totally different :)] char learned his no drinking the salt water lesson and we all made it back in one piece, vomit free! go team.

later that afternoon was wedding time! we got all fancy and headed to this amazing property right on the Siesta Key beach to watch the groom and bride say their i do's. so, so sweet! and afterwards, that sunset!!! i'd say God and mother nature were all pretty pleased with such a blessed union!  it was so nice to catch up with old friends and i love seeing austin and his two bffs in their bff element. [which i've said before! but its true. good friends are hard to find!]

soon morning came and with it a long car ride home. but!! as the old saying goes [its sounding more and more believable ;)] every good road trip ends with donuts, so rules we must follow :) and we made it home with just enough time to sneak in episode one of the Gilmore Girls revival. amen!  congratulations Kyle and Whitney!! the Hyatts love the Moores!!  [and the Hendersons ;)]