Wednesday, December 21, 2016

boston, snow, healys, these are a few of my faaaavorite things


a week or so before Christmas we traveled to boston to spend the weekend with some of the very best. my brother told me a couple of weeks ago that he would be headed up there and since my sister already lives there, i was thinking well!! i want to go! missing out on sibling bonding unsupervised boston fun is not how i operate :) so flights were booked and away we went. as soon as we landed we were greeted by the pilot welcoming us to boston, where the local temp was s-e-v-e-n. !!! but we were prepared. hats, scarves, warm socks, newly purchased gloves, check! so it was cold, yes. but it was so wonderful exploring the city with my best friends that double as my siblings. and getting to spend time with the ones they love to spend time with. and seeing old familiar faces from our old avon hood!

and when we woke up on saturday morning, snow!! they had called for it but we weren't really believing it until we saw it and sure enough, the ground was covered in white!  and like the first snowfall always is, it was soo beautiful! it's been a while since it last snowed in georgia [i think the last time was here! and then there were the two snow apocalypses in 2014 ..and you know, the fact that i have these frozen in time makes me so happy!] so we were in major need or a wintery mix and wintery mix is what we got. we tried to savor it as much as possible that morning walking to brunch [stopping several times to see if stone could make his snowball land in the trash, hi we are five. maybe thirteen?] that evening before some really good italiano eating we stopped at my cousins apartment in boston which was so great, five healy cousins and their boyfriends/girlfriends/husband reunited. oh how i wish we could do that all . the . time!

the next morning came a little bit too fast and with it took the snow! the temperatures were rising and the snow melted much faster than i would have liked but i am so glad we got to enjoy it for a good twenty-four hours :)  so we kidnapped my sisters car and headed to manomet for our final day! because after all, i am always in the mood for clam strips and a wintrey quiet beach  [but more on that later. <3 ]

a few fun places to eat, drink & be merry while in Boston: 
[and thank you family for recommending such fun places!]

and other past boston trips of ours for memory lane <3  winter 2014  /   spring 2013  /  winter 2013