Monday, January 16, 2017

hyatts in honolulu!

oh my gosh, take me back!!! pretty please. so for documenting, memory purposes! a little late. but warm warm mems on a cold, cold day! in September austin and i traveled to Hawaii for the very first time! well my first time actually, austin had been once before in college when the university of Alabama baseball team played the university of Hawaii! so amazing. although, they didn't get to do much playing outside the baseball field, so it felt like the first time for both of us :) but i should mention that the reason we even had Hawaii on our vacation radar was because of my husband! he worked so hard for two years taking eight tough insurancey tests and passed them all to get his CPCU designation. the commencement ceremony just happened to be in Honolulu and they flew you and a guest on down! it's a pretty good incentive, i'd say.

so after one flight to LA, another one to Honolulu, a lot of pages read, movies watched [father of the bride and me before you!<--- so many TEARS!], zero naps on both our parts [what!?], we arrived! we took off at 8:30 in the morning eastern time and arrived at what would have been eleven at night our time. but only five pm Hawaii! we were so excited to be there and to get out and explore rather than head to bed. so that's what we did! we laugh now, because it was probably the latest we stayed up all vacation. thanks, adrenaline and airport starbucks!

we stayed at the Sheraton on Waikiki Beach in an awesome room overlooking the beach and Diamond Head! [and the Royal Hawaiian hotel which is soo beautiful!]  we quickly learned Honolulu is b-u-s-y! that's for sure. all hours of the day! but so lively and fun.  it was so easy for us to forget that countries like Japan and Australia are actually a little but closer in distance to than good ole Atlanta, Georgia! it's a good meet you in the middle spot, lets say if you have a bff who lives across the world from you ;) the first couple of hours of our very first day in Honolulu were actually spent inside. i'm sorry!!! at a restaurant having brunch and watching the Alabama game :)  everywhere was packed! so i am glad we weren't the only two crazy college f-ball peeps out there in vacation land. austin had on his Alabama hat and one local randomly yelled "roll tide!" so we felt right at home. but! the rest our time was spent outdoors, as it should be :) soaking up all the sun, palms, salty water, fresh fish and ma-ti's. a few places worth mentioning if you are planning a trip::

Sky Waikiki - a rooftop bar overlooking Honolulu with some really great food! and live music! [although,  i think it turns into a major dance club late night, fyi!!] 

Morimoto Waikiki (inside the Modern hotel) - fresh fish, gaaalore! and really good sushi

Wailana Coffee House - unlimited pancakes. and coffee! period :)

Duke's Waikiki -  super convenient to the Sheraton & Royal Hawaiian hotel and fun beachy atmosphere!

and soon our four short days were over and we were off to maui! in one super tiny plane. to be continued :)