Tuesday, January 24, 2017

i'm feeling twenty-twooooooooo! (but really my birth certificate says you are thirty-oneeee)

^^ supervising the cake making oh so well
and so it happened. on a rainy saturday in atlanta on the twenty-first of january, i turned thirty-one. and the world kept on turning, so phew! and you know what, i had a really happy birthday! thanks to my stone who is my favorite person to celebrate my livelihood with and all the happy messages from friends and family! austin gave me the prettiest roses on friday pre-birthday  and pre-italiano din date and when saturday morning arrived, so did more flowers! poor flower delivery man standing there in the rain, bless you! this time from my parents! flowers in a martini glass, naturally. they are the best those two. and always coming up with fun and entertaining flower assortments [in the past there have been hmmm, flowers shaped like a dog. birthday cake. alabama roses. etc! they keep me on my toes! and again, the fact that they are all documented right here, ooh i love it so] so that morning we braved the rain for brunch at a hidden gem down the street where we dined on avocado toast and french toast. we like our toast! all the while playing hangman on the paper table cover. later in the evening we put on our saturday's best and went to din at a really great restaurant that we had never been to, but will definitely be going back soon! followed by rice krispy bday cake [always and forever] and card/gift opening. it was more low key than birthday pasts but it was special nonetheless. thank you you to the ones who made me feel so very loved and celebrated! until next year, birthday! take your time thirty-two........

pps - the birthday post by my mom was just as sweet and cute and clever as always! <3

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