Thursday, January 5, 2017

twenty-four hours in manomet!

when we planned our trip to boston, we knew we wanted to sneak in one quick trip to manomet. it is nearly impossible for me to be so close and not just hop on over! and i am so happy we were able to get a good twenty-four hours in one of my favorite places. but first stop! the caddyshack for fried clam strips [always and forever] for moi and a lobster roll for the stone. when in new england!! but after one yummy stop in plymouth, manomet bound we were! our dearest beach is certainly looking a bit different these wintery days compared to the summers when we are usually visiting but i love it just the same [well, you know, almost just the same! its really in its glory in the summer ;)] once we got cozied in we dined on pizza and roasted marshmallows in the fireplace [and watched frozen on abc fam! which i haven't seen before, and i so get why all the little ones love it so] the next morning we took one [cold! freezing!] walk on the beach where austin found his "beach trash" as he lovingly [and pretty accurately] referred to them which are really an old brick and a buoy. thaaat we carried on home in my checked suitcase might i add, ha :) we were also able able to set up a little camera we had bought my dad for Christmas that is the best. it faces the beach and is linked to our phones so we can peak in on it whenever we want by pulling up the app! i check it daily, technology is the best.  so are you, manomet <3 until next time!