Tuesday, February 14, 2017

saturday strollin

the other saturday morning we put on our layers and headed to our favorite little park for breakfast and to walk with charlie. its my favorite saturday morning tradition, although, i do love it most when its warm. and while we were there, there were baseball tryouts going on! i love how full of life and activity that park is during the warmer months and walking by the football and baseball games on satuday mornings. but this whole trying out thing, so nerve racking! getting up in front of everyone having to show your stuff, ehh not my most favorite thing to do.  we sat on the side and watched for a good bit actually. it was fun to watch with austin and have him relive those memories of being a similar age and trying out. once we pulled ourselves away and got to park strollin we let charlie take one quick dip in the stream nearby. nothing makes him happier or gives him a crazy burst of energy. looking forward to more park breakfasts and walks this spring!! come on sun and warmth! we are ready for you.