Thursday, February 16, 2017

v-day with my v-tine, year ten!

ten years of valentines days i've gotten to spend with my numero uno valentine! oh time, how you fly. from our dinner dates in tuscaloosa as boyfriend and girlfriend to now, living in the future, as wife and husband, doing adult things! for the past couple of years we have spent our valentines day at home, making din, which honestly, is my favorite way to spend it. but i do like our din dates! so last saturday we went to a fancy din to celebrate early, without the big day of love crowd of people :) and on monday, we celebrated early again with austin's favorite way, king crab legs! just like a few years ago! give the girls some flowers and a card. give the boy some king crab legs. that is the equivalent :) austin says he want to make that a tradition and i am a-okay with that :) on actually valentines day besides the norm that is work, we dinned that evening at home on chickfila - oh so romantic! before dashing off to a concert (jamestown revival!) with some of autins fam. but there was a lot of love. so, success! i hope yours was sweet!