Tuesday, May 16, 2017

baby hyatt a... !!!

... a sweet little girl!!! we are having a baby girl!! yay yay  yay yay!! long live us older sisters! ;)

about a month and a half ago, we traveled to my moooost favorite of places for a long weekend of really just relaxing and beach strolling and seafood eating. we had been given the gender results a few weeks prior to our trip and decided to hold off on opening until we were in manomet. which really wasn't as hard as i thought it would be!! i mean i cried when i listened to to the doctors message saying they had the gender results and would mail them to us :) i was already overwhelmed simply knowing that our baby had a gender and someone knew!! ha. which duh of course! but it made it all the more real!  we knew manomet would be a really special place to find out some really special news. i had ordered the golf balls filled with pink or blue powder i had seen before that explode on impact. and i really recommend! what i don't recommend is say youtubing gender result fails the night before. [whyyyy chelsea]. i've seen the baseball version done before which would have also been pretty appropriate but there was no way i would be throwing the ball to austin to hit. what if i dropped it? threw it off the bluff? i dont know and i didnt really want to find out :)

soon enough the exciting day arrived! and it was nerve-racking! i mean, yes baby will either be a boy or a girl and all you ever want and hope and pray is that your baby is healthy, but still to be able to call our baby a him or her was a big deal to us! there were two golf balls in the box, one with a light pink string tied to it and the other with a light blue. so all that was left to do was open the results, grab the right ball and put it out there for austin to crack on open! my sister did the honors! and with tears in her eyes she got us all set up. austin took a few practice swings, one big breath and booom! a big burst of PINK shot out!  baby hyatt is a little baby girl! and oh my goodness, we were soo shocked!! cue tears.  i had convinced us both that we were having a boy! i think i convinced a lot of people. my sister said she had to read the results [female!] several times and then when it came to grabbing the correct golf ball, the light colored strings suddenly looked so very similar. ha but yes, it was the very best surprise!

and so now here we are at week twenty-one! a smidge over half way to meeting our baby girl! the countdown is on and oh do we have some (a lot!!) preparing to do :)