Monday, June 12, 2017

pregnancy questionnaire! 25 weeks!

how far along: 25 weeks!

how big is baby: the size of a rutabaga!  per the what to expect app [and your uterus is the size of a soccer ball, what?!?]  and can i just say i love this app? it is so helpful with any questions i've had and i love the little videos they show each week about baby's development. austin and i watch every saturday morning and look forward to them so much

maternity clothes? flowy dresses and maternity leggings, always and forever.

sleep: sleeping just fine minus the middle of the night bathroom breaks :)

best moments this week: all of baby girls movements! my mom and sister were able to feel her wiggling around last week which was really special and austin of course has been able to catch her moving a bunch, it still just blows. my . mind!

movement: lots! and i'm told the next three weeks are baby's most active time which i'd say is about right :)

food craving: no cravings and no food aversions actually 

pregnancy symptoms: i've been feeling good the past 25 weeks, thankfully, knock on wood! however! the stomach bug while pregnant is no. joke. which unfortunately i struggled on through for a good 72ish hours a few weeks ago. although, i will say. wow, how impressed i am by those woman who have dealt with morning sickness for a week or a few weeks or geez the whole pregnancy.  you are so amazing! being sick gave me a little glimpse into what that might be like and i don't wish it on any mommy to be

what i miss: turkey sandwiches!! i'll be callin' you in the next 15 weeks, okay jimmy johns??

upcoming appointments/events: showering our baby girl next month! yay :) and the wonderful glucose test in the next few weeks, eeek. 


Anonymous said...

I missed sandwiches most too. People thought I was crazy for actually not having one my whole pregnancy, but I thought why not cut them out. It's just 9 months and if there is even a chance of something then I would rather not do it.
Also, glucose test is not as bad as people say. Drink is just very sugary. Then you wait. Good luck!!

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