Tuesday, August 22, 2017

maternity photos!

photos by Laura Catherine Photography
a few weeks ago [actually five! and can i just say it is so much easier to keep track of time and events when your pregnant because i just think back to okay now how many weeks was i then and ding i've got my answer, thanks pregnancy!] so yes, at thirty-one weeks pregnant my dearest sister in law took our maternity photos! ohh the perks of family members being really talented, i am so grateful! it was such a fun morning. and we felt so comfortable! which really makes everything so much better. its so important for me to savor all those big and little life moments and i know i will cherish these photos for a long time to come. i love this belly of mine and the baby girl all cozied up in there! the miracle of life and the human body will forever amaze me!! a million more sentiments but that could take a while, so that's a maternity photo wrap!! yay!

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