Wednesday, August 30, 2017


a few weekends ago we went to new orleans for the very first time. the most sporadic trip we've taken actually! we booked our flights about a week in advance :) we had flight credit from a previous trip and since we needed to be using by september and since i was also quickly approaching the no preggo fly zone, it was time to g-o! we stayed at the french market inn which i really recommend! it is located in the french quarter and walking distance to everything!! i think we walked maybe six miles every day we were there. which i have to say i am pretty proud of myself :) sure bourbon street was definitely a different experience when you are 32 weeks pregnant but i lived vicariously through austin and pressured him into ordering a hand grenade, ha! that sunday we attended church at St. Louis cathedral, the oldest cathedral in the united states! pretty magnificent, i felt like we were about to step into a disney castle ;) and before leaving we lit a candle for our baby girl. it was such a fun surprise of a trip and i'm so glad we did it! we will be back one day, nola!! 

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