Tuesday, September 5, 2017

a few snippets from manomet :)

first of all, hash tag no filter! :) on any, because manomet's beauty doesnt need much! and really, i'm thirty-seven weeks pregnant and i juuust cant do it. but a few little bits from our trip at our most favorite of places. that view will never ever get old. i can not even begin to tell you how many pictures i have taken from the very same spot but it's just too good! everytime i'm here, i am always reminded at just how lucky i (we! parents! siblings! cousins! etc!) are to have such a wonderful place to call ours and get to share with the ones we love the most. i think its pretty cool how growing up, we still CHOOSE to spend our time here. you know? teenage years, college years, post college years? all our years. i love seeing how my cousins are the very same way. how they CHOOSE to spend three or so weeks with their family and having very little outside action! it's rare these days! and its so special and says so much <3 so just a few bits from our time at the beach before fall i upon us!!