Friday, January 26, 2018

ansley mary, four months!

happy four months to our baby girl!! time is f l y i n g! and it has been so much fun to see how she is changing and developing! she makes me so proud! if she is upset, stand this girl up. she likes to be held upright, or flown in the air, or being held facing out seeing what all is going on. she smiles all the time. the best smiles are when she sees us. and the laughing! it is so much fun! my go to's are making kissy noises or whipping the alabama shaker back and forth (being funny is sometimes exhausting!!), she loves sucking on her hands and has been making chewing motions with her mouth which tells me teething might not be too far away (be kind teeth!!) she has a lot to say! i love hearing her little voice. there is no better sound. she has always been a pretty good sleeper (thankfully! knock on wood please!) and sleeps 7p to 7a, she is rolling on her side and lifting her head to follow where we go and it all just kills me in the best possible ways. top two moments for this mommy just this week - us falling asleep together during nap time and after nursing when we lay on our sides and stare into each others eyes. corny??? whatever. this is love, people!! oh or when austin texted from work saying he wanted to snuggle ansley :) he's a good daddy! it's not always easy and its not always perfect but i am seeing how children teach you patience. if she is upset, i just have to power on and do what i can to fix it. she is trying to tell me the best way she can and that has really helped me to not get frustrated. but really, all in all, she is truly a delight and i feel so lucky to get to know this beautiful, fun, healthy (thank you Lord!!) girl every day. <3