Friday, January 19, 2018

it was her all along!

pregnancy in polaroids 
one year ago this january, we found out that we would be parents! to a baby! in myyyy tummy! what in the world. and now here i am. sitting here, sipping my coffee with my sweet beautiful baby girl at my side! this is our new normal. one year ago, we were getting back from a fun, fun weekend in nashville. austin had run out to pick up sushi (of all foods!) and i had the inkling to take a pregnancy test that confirmed that i indeed was pregnant! austin came home and i (nervously! very quickly!) gave him a beer glass that i had kept for such an occasion that read worlds best dad :) it took him a second to get it. and then i am sure i made it super clear when he looked up and i had tears in my eyes. and so did he! such a sweet moment. and just like that, our pregnancy journey began! i have wanted to be a mom my whole life. i loved playing house growing up. i am nurturing by nature and always looked up to my superwoman of a mom. but also in that moment of finding out i was scared too! what if, what if, what if!! scared of the unknown. i think pretty normal emotions for a first time mom to be! but here we are, almost four months in, on the other side, learning things everyday, learning each other, still scared at times (maybe a better word is unsure? you know, like am i doing this right?!) but so happy. so grateful. so thankful for our beautiful miracle darling girl! it was you, ansley mary!! all along. <3

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