Tuesday, January 23, 2018

year 32, day one!

on the twenty first of january, this girl turned thirty twoooo. yes, you are reading that right! saying it out loud still doesn't seem quite real. i don't really feel like i'm thirty two. although what is that supposed to feel like i don't know! i'm mature and then at times not at alllllll. i'm a mom but i also still need my mom! that kinda thing. young at heart maybe? sure ill take it. we celebrated earlier in the week right on through the weekend and it is always sad when i can no longer use the excuse but its my birthday!! you know like, oh ansley needs a diaper change.... but it's my birthday.... it gets you out of some things ;) saturday evening we went to din at a yummy steakhouse right  down the street sans baby !! ahhh! we got our very first babysitter! a neighbor of ours who really just came over once we had put ansley to bed and she (wo)maned the downstairs. it was a strange experience having a babysitter! i feel like iii myself was just babysitting. when we left i told austin i felt like i was playing a role, it is so strange that i am now on the other side of this! writing down my number and checking in and such! i kind of felt like a phony! but i guess this is 32 :) on my actual birthday the warmth decided to grace our presence and sunshine!! and that was one of the best gifts i could get. it brought us all back to life and got us outside. that morning we woke up to a knock on the door, and to my surprise two large coffees and the cutest donuts from my parents were delivered! they are soo good. my parents. and the donuts actually. they were ALMOST too pretty to eat ;) a little later on we had brunch..outside and it was perfect. but also made perfect by getting to wear matching outfits with myyy baby. dreams do come trueee! that afternoon we strollered around the park followed by some patriots watching (woo!) ice cream pie cake (tradition!! i hope you like it one day too ans!) bday cards and that was a wrap! thankful for the people in my life who made it special!

birthdays past... 
(wait how fun is it to have all of this right here!) 

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